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  •         New style gentleman, since Thatcher extraordinary! Urban elite Business Men AiFali (ALFIERI), inherit England refined, elegant, natural design, adhere to the refined design to interpret the art of spiritual, every piece of clothing are for the selection of fabrics, tailoring ingenuity, and color match gentlemanly height requirements of the design. European Law was superb sewing techniques and design concepts, committed to shaping men's dress style has artistic, modern keen intuition, create cohesion luxury exquisite creation process, these are ALFIERI proud tradition as well the brand has always been of a different guest's favorite causes.

             ALFIERI for the pursuit of high quality, and every product will be forged into a classic desire, regarded as the heart of every creative pursuit, every ALFIERI product  process quality and excellent design inherit England centuries. ALFIERI clothing purchase of raw materials, from almost all of the world's most prestigious origin, products brought extraordinary wearing experience comparable only advanced customization to get experience. Whether formal occasions show good taste business suits, or easily attend the reception performance of business casual fashion charm, ALFIERI in the world, fine, fine, perfect, is the largest designer team pursuit.

             ALFIERI clothing with urban elite lifestyle and social focus for the design wear, the fashion business travelers the perfect combination of artistry and practicality, inspiration from vintage, fashion, arts and all contemporary hot topic, the pursuit of individuality, quality and taste business to provide cutting-edge product design and amazing life experience! Advocates discover, share, and beyond the artistic spirit, as well as continued commitment to excellence, it is in this spirit to lead, ALFIERI by the Chinese elite men's favorite, the total number of stores across the Greater China has more than 300 (including Hong Kong and Macao), this number continues to grow. Future, ALFIERI will continue to be international haute couture concept of operations improvement and development "ALFIERI gentleman" to lead business men "China's new gentleman's game", to create an elegant urban elite men's world all blooming passion!

  • ALFIERI Brand DNA:

    A ctive positive attitude towards life

    L eader outstanding leadership qualities

    F ashion elegant fashion charm

    I dea extraordinary creative source

    Philosophy of E xecutive courageous

    R evolution intellectual demeanor change

    I ndependent persistent chasing the dream

    Brand Positioning:

    Business elite men's brands

    Age Location:

    Mental age in the success of men between the ages of 35-45

  • ALFIERI committed to the pursuit of a relaxed, natural, optimistic, fashionable lifestyle,We operate a dream, interpretation of life value and taste,We believe the brand value of the pleasure and satisfaction, ALFIERI- dreamer.

    Brand style:

    Noble, simple

    Brand Concept:

    Ai Fali - Let love everywhere

    Business philosophy:

    Leading the trend of the times, keep pace with market demand, highlight the distinguished ideology, advocating the concept of fraternity

    Fabric & Design:

    Pay attention to today's world popular fabric, with elegant, minimalist design and exquisite craftsmanship, and elegant fashion show